Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Eight Days and Counting!


How are you my dearest ones? Did you just have the happiest last seven days? And how was Halloween? Did you stock up on the essential food groups? (sugar and saturated fats...mmm my favorite :D) What did you dress up as? The MTC let us dress up for Halloween too! It was so fun. We dressed up as missionaries, but not only missionaries...I got to be my companion for Halloween! haha it was so hilarious because I got to wear her badge and she got to wear mine. I felt honored that someone wanted to dress up as me for Halloween :D

This last week was spectacular as always! It was another week of miracles. Seriously, I feel bad ever getting used to this because I love it so much. Life is so good. It was the last week with my wonderful district because they all leave either today or Wednesday. I'm going to miss them! Even though I've only known them three weeks, I feel like we're family and BFFs.

I can't believe I have ONE more week left in the MTC! Where did the time go?? I promise I only left yesterday. Starting Wednesday, Sister Mckeever, Sister Brownell, and I begin our tour guide training! Oh baby! I've heard it is so fun, but pretty super intense training. But that's how it should be! I mean, this is people's salvation we're talking about here! We get to go to Temple Square on Wednesday for a tour and then go back on Saturday and actually be a tourguide! So even though I'll still be in training, I can't tell people that I'm in training haha.I have to pretend I know what I'm doing just fake it till I make it. Even though I'm a little nervous-okay a LOT nervous- Saturday can't come sooner. I can't wait to see Sandy too! 

So part of our training here is to role play. We role play everyday where either our teachers, volunteers, or paid actors come to the MTC and role play as our investigators. And I'm gonna be honest, at first I dreaded them! I didn't like them at all because it seemed like the real deal even though I had no idea what I was doing. I worried about them all day long! But you know what? I have learned probably the most from these role plays. You teach what you practice and I have really come to learn that. Even though, I still get a little anxious about them, I look forward to teaching with the spirit and coming to love the investigators even though they are role playing. I have had the most spiritual experiences teaching in the role plays (like tear jerking spiritual experiences) and I wish I had time to talk about all of them!

Here at the MTC, we get to watch past devotionals from apostles and leaders. Let me tell you, their messages are life changing. They truly are called of God. We got to watch a devotional from Elder Holland who was talking about our duty as missionaries and the responsibility we have to the people of the world. He asked us a question that really hit me. He asked, (now I'm only paraphrasing) "even though our message is from God and is for everyone, why don't people just flock to the font? Why is it so difficult?" And he answered by saying, "it's so hard because salvation is NOT a cheap experience. It was not intended to be easy. Why would it be easy for us if it wasn't easy for him? How can we be a disciple of Christ if we do not experience just a little bit of the suffering from Gethsemane? There was nothing easy about it. If we do it the way we are supposed to and the way God wants us to, then no doubt our mission will be tough." But we can do it! That's what so incredible! God wants us to succeed and if routing for us every step of the way. I LOVED listening to those words by Elder Holland. I hope all of us can learn from his words.

Well, duty calls once again! Thank you for all of your letters and emails and DearElders and packages! They make my day everyday. Know that I am the happiest I could be and love serving the Lord. The church is so true and I love all of you!!

Love forever,
Sister Annen

p.s. I got another nickname this week. Sister Annikan! haha I've never been called that before! Clever huh? This elder totally just thought it up and now whenever he sees me he says, "May the force be with you" :D ha I feel like I really do have it since I've been at the MTC. 

p.p.s. this same elder actually made my a tiny light sabor the other day. He made it! Since when do missionaries have time to make light sabors in their spare time I would like to know!

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