Friday, November 9, 2012

Good Morning Everyone!

Good morning everyone!

So I have P-Day again today since my schedule changed now that I am in Visitor Center training! Two P-Days in one week...mmm...not complaining over here :D All I've got to say about Visitor's Center training is that, well, it ROCKS!! After my last district had left, I was super sad because we had all become really close. I didn't want them to go on their mission to serve the Lord because I wanted them to stay here with us sisters and keep us happy and entertained! ha selfish and terrible I know, but that's how I felt! But when we got our new district, I didn't even feel sad anymore because all the sisters are amazing! They are from all over the world and they are sweethearts. And guess what?... they're going to Hawaii with Sister Mckeever and me! Ah! We were so so happy to finally meet them because we thought we were the only sisters going. Two sisters are from Japan (Sister Takatsu and Sister Kunishi) one if from Micronesia (Sister Mark), and one is from Hong Kong (Sister Koek). They are still learning English so charades is a favorite game of ours. 

Wednesday was our first day of training. We went to Temple Square, where on the way we passed 9109 South Mallard Circle, tons of Cafe Rio's, people and cars! ha it was bittersweet since I was so close yet so far. But it was mostly sweet so I held it together! We were taken on a tour of the Visitor's Center and then were introduced to how we will be giving more than feel-good tours. Feel-good tours are good; however, we learned how we want to give tours that will be a climate for conversion. I loved what my teacher said. She said, "Give a tour that the Savior would give." That was so beautiful and profound to me! I have been trying to remember that as I have been "giving tours" here at the MTC. It requires so much prayer and thought and preparation beforehand. But my it is so worth the extra effort. Think about this for a second. As tourguides, we have no idea whom we will be meeting and teaching that day. So we have to be able to prepare and listen to the spirit to know what their concerns will be BEFORE even meeting them! At first, I didn't think it was possible, because how can you be in tune so much to know that?? But let me tell you, if you only have faith that He will tell you and you ponder and pray intently, you know exactly what their needs are. It's incredible! And I wish I could explain exactly how I feel when it happens. But just know, that throughout this week, I have really come to have a testimony about the power of personal revelation. It can happen to all of us! If we only have the faith. 

Well, this is my last P-Day in the MTC! I never thought I would be saying this so soon! I keep forgetting that this is only the training part of my mission because I just figure I'll be in the MTC all 18 months :D We leave the MTC early Tuesday morning so before you know it I'll be eating pineapple and hangin with the polyies. Oh yeah. FIVE MORE DAYS!!! 

I get to call on Tuesday too! So keep your phones glued to yourselves because I'm dying to hear your cute little voices! Til then, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!! 

Love always,

Sister Amen

p.s. this church is so true it's not even funny :)

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