Monday, October 29, 2012

Hello my Dear Family!

Hello my dear family that I miss and love!

Another week down huh?? Can I get a whoot whoot!! It was sure a week of miracles. I know I'm not out in the field yet, but I sure felt them all the same. Honestly, I know I said this last week, but I learn so much here!! Holy smokes one day I'll be sitting in class thinking, "Wow. I am so smart now. There isn't anything more that I could possibly learn." And yet I'm stood corrected EVERY day in class, devotional, prayer, scripture study, or in the shower... You name it, I'm learning. I have learned more in two weeks than I have in almost my whole life! And I wish I had time to share all of it! But the day will come when you'll wish I DIDN'T have time to talk about it because there's so much. Ah... the MTC. Happiest place on earth!

So I was called as the Coordinating Sister last Saturday and I totally forgot to mention that last week! (A coordinating sister is like a zone leader, but girl version) They called me right after interviews and I was put to work. I have meetings all day Sunday and Tuesday, and then give New Missionary Orientation on Wednesdays and Thursdays. I thought I was the new missionary still! Ha it's funny because once you've been in the MTC for a whole SEVEN days, you're considered the old missionary full of knowledge and wisdom :D I like to think that's true because I have been here TWELVE days now! Take that! ha I have loved my calling though. It's just another chance for me to serve more.

Speaking of how long I've been here, I already get my travel plans this week! You don't believe it do you?? I sure don't! We have In-Field Orientation this week because everyone in our District besides my companion, Sister Mckeever, Sister Brownell and I leave next week. They are all either going to Independence, or Florida. Sister Mckeever and I are the only ones going to Hawaii. Apparently word spreads super fast around the MTC because everywhere we go, elders and sister come up to us and ask, "Are you the sisters going to Hawaii??" And we just humbly :) say that's us! ha I love it. We feel like celebrities here. Ha not really, because everyone is so nice to everyone and we all feel like family here. Once our district leaves next week, us three sisters start learning how to be tourguides. And listen to this, we get to go to Temple Square on a fieldtrip! For two days! That means I'll be driving past all y'all two times my last week here. I'll be waving and hugging and sending kisses your way!

We had a devotional where they talked about how the applications for missionaries since the age change has increased 400%!! 400! How terrific is that?? And because of the huge change, they are trying to train us even better so that we can be the trainers weeks after we arrive in the field. I'm so excited.

Oh! On Sundays we get to have our Sunday Walk, where we all get to walk to the temple and take pictures.It's so fun because we get to see the outside world! And cars! And non-missionary people! I always feel like going up and touching them just to make sure they're real. Bad idea? Write me what you think. I'm sending some pictures of it along with some others so I hope you like it.

I wanted to talk about a talk from Elder Holland that I LOVED this week but I don't have time! I'll try to fit it in and talk about it next week. I did learn that we need to "walk by faith in a world governed by sight." I love that! Faith is an action word, and will only do us good if we take a step and ACT. It's a short, but sweet lesson that has helped me immensely since I've been here.

Well I better go, but I love you and miss you my dearest family! Remember the book is blue, the church is true, and Moroni is always on all the ball :D

Everyone here thinks my last name is Amen. So all the missionaries call me Sister Amen haha.

Sister Amen

ps I just realized that I didn't send the pictures! But if I don't logout my computer will self destruct so I'll send them hopefully soon! Love you!

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