Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Forever Families

Aloha Ohana!

Happy Monday! How's it everyone? What a week you know what I mean? Goodness, I'm exhausted. A wonderful exhausted though. It always is out here :) 

We had a mission conference with Elder Schwitzer of the seventy this last week. It was amazing! All the missionaries from the islands except Big Island flew to O'ahu to hear him speak. I have never seen so many missionaries in one place! We normally can't all get together with flights and stuff so this was a treat. I got to see the VC sisters who are out full-field including Sister Ogawa! (my sweet Japanese companion from two transfers ago) She's on Kaua'i now so it was so fun to see her.

There are so many things that Elder Schwitzer talked about and I wish I could list them all! But one of the main things he talked about was the importance of the family unit. He said that when we are in Heaven, the organization of the family will be more important than the organization of the church. Have you thought of that before? I sure hadn't! Wow. The organization of the church is to help strengthen the organization of the family now, for the day when the family will help the organization of the church. I hope I explained that okay. Elder Schwitzer did a much better job. But how incredible is that? The family really IS ordained of God. It's why Heavenly Father has commanded us to cherish, strengthen, and nurture our families. We are preparing these small units on earth now to become eternal powerhouses with our Father in Heaven! I just tear up at the thought.
There are so many other experiences and lessons that I want to talk to you about but once again my time is up! Someday, I'll be able to just talk story with you all for hours. I feel like Mormon who talks about how the Book of Mormon is only 1/100 of what really happens. My emails are only 1/100 of what I get to learn or experience and I don't even have to engrave on gold plates! I have a keyboard! ha oh well. Life is good. Just know that missions are the best okay? I can't imagine my life without it.

I love you all more than my Hawaiian friends love poke, musubi, lepulu, spam or otai. (I'll tell you all about those someday.)

much aloha!
Sister Annen

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