Monday, November 11, 2013

A Tour with the Savior

ALOHA my ohana!

Happy November! How was your Halloween? Are any of you still on a sugar high? Halloween over here was exciting. People come to Laie from literally all over to trick or treat. It's because Laie is so safe and Polynesians over here know how to have a good time. Poor Sister Munoa was sick so we had our own Halloween party at home eating chili and cornbread (that our Bishop and his family so kindly brought over) and watching Mormon Messages. Mormon Messages are wonderful, I have to say! Why didn't I watch them before? If you're ever just cruising on a weekend or something, you have to just sit down and watch them. I know I told you this before when I was a cyber sister, but it's still true. They are so inspired.

Sister Munoa and I were serving at the Polynesian Cultural Center a little while ago inviting everyone to join us on the Tram Tour. To our surprise, no one wanted to come! We were a little bummed because we only give five tours a week and we really wanted to work on being bold and just sharing the gospel with all of our tram guests. We wanted to do all we could to really weave gospel principles into our tours. Even as we talk about the PCC, BYU-H, and the community of Laie, we wanted to focus on giving a tour the Savior would give. We were so excited! But no luck this time :( As we were leaving with our sad empty tram, two older men ran to catch us on the tram! Yes! We asked where they were from and what had brought them here, when they both said, "We are priests for the Catholic church" ...gulp

And now this is where I must end. Sorry I don't have time to finish the story! That's a way to keep you in suspense ya? :) haha I totally didn't mean to do it on purpose I'm sorry. But I'll finish it next p-day! Just know that not only did I survive, but my testimony was strengthened from it.
I love you across the universe and back 100 times! Smile and keep your chin up :)

much aloha,

Sister Annen 

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