Monday, October 7, 2013


My Ohana! Aloha!

How ARE you all?? My my I have to ditto what Elder Annen said weeks ago about feeling like I just got back from a loooong vacation whenever I write the family email. Please forgive me! I promise I'll do better!... haha I think I said that last time. But I know repentance is a real thing! 

How is school and work all going?? Are you loving all your classes and homework? I hope so! I can't remember what it's like, but I hope you're loving it. I can't believe Elder Annen and I will BOTH be home before the end of the this school year! And Elder Annen will be home before the end of this YEAR! Wow, how the time flies. If the rest of my life zips by the way my mission has zipped by, my life's almost over! It's such a great life.

I don't have much to report this week because I was sick for all of it. Not fun. But I'm feeling great now! I didn't think it could be anything bad, but as day seven and eight came, they took me to the doctor in Kahuku to find out what I had. Apparently, I had a few sinus infections, and my ears were infected. So they gave me wonderful antibiotics, nasal sprays, and other medications to keep me alive and going. And now I'm better and ready to go. You know sometimes when you're a missionary, the little thought comes in to your mind that maybe just one day would be nice to just sleep. Or just an hour! You're always pretty exhausted and so the thought seems a little great. But I surely learned this week, that you are the HAPPIEST, when you can just be out and working your tail off. It's so worth being on the verge of passing out when you get home at 9 pm. There is nothing I'd rather be doing.

So I shook hands with an apostle of the Lord the other day. Can I just say wow! It was such an awesome experience being with Elder Holland. I'm not meaning the word 'awesome' as when we use it for anything cool or sweet, but I'm meaning 'awesome' the same way the atonement is described in our hymns and by our prophets. It was such a sacred experience; I can hardly type without crying. I totally want to be an even better missionary now and I want to be converted myself even more to my Heavenly Father. Why are these men so amazing? Yes, they have done incredible things are they truly are just unbelievably righteous people. But that's not the reason why. These men are awesome because of the person they are representing. It's our Savior Jesus Christ. They are literally STANDING in His place. Think about this for a second. If the Savior were to come up to you and say, "Hunter, I need you to please pray sincerely each day." or "Jessica, I need you to please study the scriptures". What would you do? Would you do it? I can't help but to think I would straightway stand up and jump at the chance! I know you would too! So after knowing that our prophets and apostles literally stand in our Savior's place, how will you react to their counsel this General Conference? Think about that this week, as we are privileged to prepare for the words of our apostles or words of our Heavenly Father-they are the same :) Who's excited for General Conference by the way?? I can't imagine how fun it will be to chill in your jamies and eat Mom's world famous cinnamon rolls for those two days. But remember, that as you're cozy and eating heaven, that this is your chance to draw from the powers of heaven. You can know exactly what Heavenly Father needs you to personally do in order to know Him better, and to one day live with Him again because you will be like Him. Isn't that cool? Ah! I'm so excited and even more so talking about it! Be sure to tell me all about your experiences and 'aha!' moments on Monday deal? This is truly a time to celebrate :)

I love you across the universe and back my loves!

much aloha,
Sister Annen

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