Monday, December 3, 2012

Heyloha Family!

Heyloha  family!

So this week, Sister and Johnston and I went out on my first tracting excursion! Chihu! Oh man guys, I was sups nervous, but more excited than nervous. We were thinking about where to tract and we decided to tract in Sunset. Now let me tell you a little bit about Sunset, Hawaii. Sunset is beach bum town. Everyone surfs here. Everyone! Oh and a sidenote… I totally walked passed Jack Johnson’s house. Heard of him? Ya, we’re totally planning on baptizing him the next time we go. We’re thinking of bringing our ukes with us so that when he answers, we’ll start jamming “Banana Pancakes” and then ask him to be baptized. Good tactic? I’ll keep you updated on that one :D

While we were tracting, we saw this adorable old man sitting in a wheelchair in his driveway. Now you couldn’t miss him because he was wearing a bright neon green Yankees sweatshirt and shorts and was just rocking the bling bling (watches, rings, earrings, etc.) We walked up to him and just started talking, not knowing what he would say to us white sister missionaries. We told him we were representatives of Jesus Christ and told him our purpose in talking with him. It was then he told us his name was Joe. We asked Joe if we could pray with him and he was totally up for it. I prayed, and then afterward stood and waited for a moment. After a few seconds, I asked him how he felt during the prayer. We could see it in his face, but it was incredible to hear the words “I felt something different. I feel really good for some reason!” come out of his mouth. We explained what that feeling was and told him we could feel this way all the time by following the example of Jesus Christ. It was then, that we had the strongest impression to ask him to be baptized. Wait, hold up, what?? Ask him to be baptized?! Now Heavenly Father, remember that we met this guy only five minutes ago! But we felt it again, “ask him to be baptized”. So with that, we asked him if he would follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized. Now normally, waiting for their response to that question is the longest few seconds of a missionary’s life. But in this case, Joe immediately answered “Yes!”! It was awesome. We set up another appointment with him and will teach him again soon. I can’t wait to tell you how it goes.

 There’s nothing better than walking away from something like that! Really, I have never felt such pure joy before. I’ve totally been happy, but nothing like this kind of joy. I understand what Elder Annen meant when he said that months ago! There’s nothing like it. I can’t think of a better work than helping others come unto their Savior Jesus Christ. Seeing them recognize the spirit is the greatest sight to see. I know I say it all the time, but the life of a missionary is the greatest! The hardest, but the greatest. And it’s incredible that we can all be missionaries. Just think about what Heavenly Father COULD say, versus what he allows US to say instead. What a blessing Heavenly Father has given us. I know this gospel is the way to live with our Heavenly Father again. It’s perfect evidence that His love for us is an eternal love. EVERYTHING we have is a blessing from Him. I love him so much.

And I love all of you! But more importantly, Heavenly Father loves you.

Have the greatest week my wonderful Family!


Sister Annen

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