Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Transfers this week! Dun dun dun :) haha so we found out transfer news this morning. Sister Knudsen and I knew we wouldn't be together since she's done training now (I can't believe that my daughter is growing up so fast!) and so we were trying to guess what would happen to the both of us! Here's what's going down. So, Sister Knudsen will be training a new sister! Whoo! And not only will she be training, but she is training out full-field! So exciting! She's leaving Laie and going to Honolulu. It TOTALLY caught us off guard since she just came out and normally you don't go outbound til later in your mission. And because I haven't even been outbound yet! But hey, we're happy to do whatever the Lord wants.
As for me...I'm staying in Laie for another transfer! Yeah! It'll be my seventh transfer here in my beautiful little Laie. Half of my mission so far! Holy smokes. And it looks like I'll be here for my eighth and ninth transfer as well because I have been called as the Sister Trainer for the 30 sisters here at the Visitors' Center! I'm so excited! President Warner called me last night and asked if I would accept the call, and even though I was taken back and I didn't think I heard him right, I must have stammered out a 'yes' because it was announced in our VC training this morning. :) I'm totally trusting Heavenly Father on this one.

I have a quick story I wanted to share! So when I first came out, Sister Johnston and I tried and tried to get a hold of and teach this cute Japanese girl named Julia. Time after time, we couldn't contact her. And when we did get a chance to teach her, she didn't seem like she cared during the lessons. At times, we wanted to just give up; but we knew Heavenly Father didn't want us to drop her. We were supposed to keep teaching her. We were both transferred out of the area and come to find out, Julia moved back home. Now fast forward to yesterday. Yesterday at church, Julia's fellow shipper Nathan came up to me and said, "Guess what Sister Annen?? Julia got baptized!" Yep! She had moved home and after that knew she needed to be baptized. Wow, Heavenly Father knows what He's doing. It's all in His timing isn't it? Even if we don't see the fruit of our efforts right away, it's still worth every minute to work hard and be obedient to our Father in Heaven who needs us. I love Him so much!

I have so much more to tell you, but of course time is up already!

Keep smiling and loving and know that I'm loving you right this second!

Lots of love! Aloha! xoxo

sister annen

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