Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Proud to be a child of God...and an American!

Happy 4th of July a few days ago! How was it?? Did you have a blast and eat hot dogs and do the lip sync (I'm actually really curious if you did that this year so let me know ;)) ha and watch the best fireworks with the fam? I hope so! The 4th of July was terrific here! It was interesting though just because Hawaii is funny when it comes to the 4th of July. Yes, it's one of the 50 states, but sometimes you forget that since it's so different. A lot of people over here actually don't know it's a state! ha I didn't know that was a thing, but hey it's cool.

So, yes the polys celebrated it since it's another excuse to party and get together with family, but it isn't as big over here as on the mainland. It was a blast though! All of the missionaries finished proselyting at five, and then we all got together and had a bbq. We felt very American, it was awesome.

We got our dear new mission president, President Warner this week! May I just say how much I love him! Really I do. He's from SLC just like Elder Annen's mission president is! (maybe they're pals who knows) He's this small little man who's so sweet and so smart. Very different from President Dalton- not in sweetness or smartness! But in stature haha. President Dalton was a tall big guy and I could always tell where he was even in a large group of elders. But with President Warner, he looks just like another Elder and it's hard to find him sometimes. He is so cute. I don't know how he would feel about me describing him that way, but it's definitely a good thing :) He and Sister Warner, are ready to work and love us all you can just tell. It's obvious that they are called of God to serve here. I'm so grateful to have the second half my mission to serve with the dear Warners.

What else let's see...I feel like there's so much since I haven't emailed in years I'm so sorry! I guess Elder Annen was MIA for a while there too so I'll apologize for the both of us. Anyway! Transfers are coming up next week! What's going to happen :) Who knows. Sister Knudsen and I are on our twelfth week together- she has grown up so fast! and I can't believe it! She's not a baby anymore, but she'll always be my daughter :) We have had some incredible times together that's all I can say. Some super funny and embarrassing times and some of the most spiritual, powerful times I've ever experienced. She is an amazing missionary. I felt like she trained me for sure! I'm going to miss her. Good thing about being a VC sister, is that even if you're not companions anymore, you'll see them everyday and sometimes even live with them again! So that's always a relief when change becomes hard sometimes.

What's going to happen to me next transfer?? Man who knows. Well of course I know who does ultimately! haha but let's just go with the expression for now. I could go to another island and be a full-field missionary for three months, or I could stay here a little longer, I don't know! We find out next P-day so I'll keep you in the loop on that.

Life has been really great and really hard these last few weeks. Our investigator Josh is having a really hard time coming to church. We had set a baptismal date, but because he has only come once, we keep having to move his date forward. The lessons will go really well when we can catch him, and his friend Tau whom he lives with (who's a member) is on board and great at bearing testimony. But because neither of them have a phone and their life motto is "hakuna matata", it's hard to catch and teach him. They are in an amazing reggae band called "The L81Z" (the late ones) and that takes them to Honolulu often. Anyway, they're amazing people, and we just love them.

Some days I would be confused thinking maybe we weren't obedient enough or thinking we were doing something wrong. I would say that I had faith in the Lord, but I didn't trust in His timing! That is totally part of having faith in Heavenly Father. Is having faith in His timing. It just comes down to listening to the spirit to discern what our friends need so that we can know how to best help them. In Josh's case, to come to church. We fasted just yesterday and hope to catch them this week. I'll tell you how it all goes next week too.

I'm so happy that the spirit is the one that teaches! You know what I mean? If it were just Sister Knudsen and I, our area would be bleh. The work wouldn't and couldn't move forward. Thank goodness Heavenly Father is in charge of His work. I know I say that in almost every email! But it's because it's so true and I've really gained a testimony of it.

Think of something that you're struggling with and think about how you can better trust in the Lord's timing. I promise that as you trust in the Lord's timing, you'll find that it's the BEST timing. More so than we can ever see on our own. Allow the Lord to lead you. Because He will.

I LOVE YOU oh so much ohana!

love always,
Sister Annen

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