Thursday, April 11, 2013

Our Own Scripture

Happy Tuesday and Aloha family of mine!

How was General Conference for everyone?? Super great ya? How was it being all cozy all day, eating yummy food? Ah I just loved it. It was honestly more exciting than Christmas over here! All of us missionaries got to wake up at bright and early at five-Hawaii being four hours behind Salt Lake, and got to go to the Visitor's Center and watch the apostles on the big screen baby! So awesome! We were cuddled up in our blankies and pros clothes and just enjoyed listening to what Heavenly Father wanted all of us to learn. I had so many favorites it's not even funny. Of course I loved Elder Holland's talk. I really needed to hear what he said. I felt like every word was for me. I also loved Elder Falabella's where he said, "Shake hands with EVERYONE!" haha so funny and so cute. And President Monson's was incredible too! All about obedience! mmm.. so good. It totally pumped me up to be a better missionary and to be more exactly obedient. Not only here on my mission, but also when I'm off my mission. I know that I needed every single one of those talks at General Conference. Before my mission I would have argued with myself because how can EVERY talk be for me? I realized this conference that it is through the words of the apostles and prophets that I can receive my own revelation. No matter what the talk is about, I can know what Heavenly Father wants me to start doing or stop doing in order be a better person and be more of a disciple of Jesus Christ. So many promptings came to me as I watched and listened that I didn't even expect! And it didn't really have to do with the talk necessarily; But because the talks come by revelation, each of us can receive our OWN revelation just by listening and pondering with open hearts. Have you thought of that before? I sure hadn't! I didn't realize just how personal and powerful General Conference could be until this last weekend. It is a powerful blessing from our Heavenly Father. If you didn't feel like Heavenly Father taught you personally as you watched General Conference, I challenge you to watch it again. Watch it with the questions you have had these last six months. If it's important to you, then it's important to Him. You are entitled to receive your own personal revelation. He will tell you exactly what to do because He wants you to return to Him. He'll give you your own scripture. I know that's true. 

I wish I had more time to talk about everything! But I had to talk about General Conference! Know that I love you all oodles and oodles. I'll talk more about my week next week! 

lots and lots and LOTS of love,
Sister Annen

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  1. Oh my gosh this was an awesome letter! 100% awesome missionary all the way, she even gave us a commitment. I'm so glad I read this!

    - Ogden