Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Due Tomorrow!

Helloha Ohana!

Happy Tuesday! How the heavens are you all? Did you have a super week? I sure hope so! Boy, do I have a week to tell you about :D
So today is the last day of transfers, which means, tomorrow is the first day of another transfer, which means, I'm not an online missionary anymore, which means, I'll be out in an actual area, which means, I'll have a new companion starting tomorrow, which means,.... I'm training a new missionary! Ahhhhh! I'm having a baby! (that's totally mish slang btw! I'm not literally pregnant for those of you unfamiliar with missionary language. There totally is one) I received the training packet in the mail Friday, and on Sunday night I had the training conference call with all the trainers and President. Her name is Sister Knudsen :) She is from Arizona, and she is 19! She'll be one of the first 19-year-olds in our mission! I can't wait to meet her tomorrow. I'll have to let you know all about my first week next Monday. I already love her.

Heavenly Father and Pres trusts me to do this huh? They trust me to train a new missionary huh? Since the call, I'll be praying and ask Heavenly Father, "You trust me huh?" And immediately the feeling of "Yes, I trust you" comes to me. So I'll ask, "'ll help me right?" :D ha and I know He's probably just chuckling and thinking, "Of course I'll help you! Who do you think I am?" :) I know He will help me. It's the only way that I can do it is through Him! So even though I'm nervous and I feel inadequate, I know Heavenly Father will help me.
Here's also something that blows my mind. I'm at my six month mark now! How in heavens did that come up so fast?? I remember being a greenie just yesterday! I'm still a greenie! I'll always feel like a greenie up to my last day!
I wanted to share a cute little experience I had at the VC a few days ago! So this big wonderful Hindu family came in the other day with all of their beautiful children. The kids were wandering around, having fun watching the kid kiosks about Jesus and Heavenly Father and where we go after we die, stuff like that. I went up to them and showed them the clip on the kiosk called, "What Happens when we Die?" After we watched it, I was talking to them about Heaven and what happens to us after our life here. One of the older kids said to me, "Oh I know! After this life, we will become either a tree, a leaf, a bug, or something like that!" And then his little baby sister replied, "Ya if you dress up." :D ha it was so cute and so funny and so true! I tried to hold in my laughter because she said it so matter of fact! This experience was so cute and so interesting to me and helped me to learn more about how pure and innocent children are. The older sibling had been taught, while the younger sibling had just recollected. Children are so close to the veil no matter how they are brought up! This helped me to understand more about what Christ meant when He said, "...whoso repenteth and cometh unto me as a little child, him will I receive, for of such is the kingdom of God..." We need to keep our selves unspotted so that we too, can be pure and receptive to the Holy Ghost-a being, who, as a member of the Godhead, can and will open the channels of Heaven if we only let Him. Did you know He is capable of such a thing? I didn't really understand that until now! Allow Him to be capable of doing that to you. I challenge you to do what is necessary for that to happen. It is the ONLY way we can enter into Heavenly Father's presence. I want to find myself there. I want you to find yourself there. You can do it. He knows you can do it.
I better go back and move in to my new pad now (it's the same pad I lived in when I first got here!) and decorate my dear companion's planner. Make this your best week yet! Know that you are a tool in the Lord's hand wherever you go. No need to wear a badge to be an instrument :) I love you all! 
much aloha,
Sister Annen

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