Sunday, February 10, 2013

It Bites Sometimes

Hey howdy heloha everyone!

Howz it?? Did you all have a super fantastic week? Sounds like it was kind of a crazy one with Jess's lil' accident. Which hey Jess, can you give you me a big thumbs up? ;D ha I'm just kidding. I hope you feel better soon sis! I'm sending get better kisses right now. And how is good ol Utah? Has it warmed up yet? I saw a picture and about died! It looks like the ice age over there holy smokes.

So I don't have ton's of time to write today, but I have to tell you about this week :D
First off, transfers are over! Wow I can't believe another transfer is pow! Done! Guess what that means? I'm done training and out of my diapers baby! Whoo! I'm all grown up now. It went by so fast! Sister Johnston was the best trainer in the world and I'm gonna miss her. To be honest, it's kind of been rough for us knowing we won't be together anymore. It's been so awesome with her! Quite the adventure :D We got the new transfer news (which is a big BIG deal for missionaries for those who don't know!) Sister J is going out full pros to Honolulu! Whoo! She's excited. And my fate is...... duh dun duh! Online Sister! Chihu!! So instead of having an area and serving in a ward, I'll be online doing the chats and calls for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Boom baby! So if you just happen to call our number, I may be on the other line! We could catch up! ha ha no don't do that :D Oh! And my new companion is...
Sister Mckeever! My MTC companion! Reunited again. It'll be be awesome. Apparently she is a bomb cook and flexes in the kitchen! Which is so lifesaving on my part because being an online sister, we don't have a ward to feed us. And I don't cook squat! Ramen and fluffernutters is as fancy as I get. So she's going to help me in that department. Maybe I'll lose a pound or two! haha that'll be the day. Anyway, all the news has been really exciting! Bittersweet definitely, but good. I know it was inspired for many many reasons :D

Now, get ready for what else happened this week. You won't believe this :D We got attacked by a dog this week!! ha yep! You heard right! On Thursday, we were walking to someone's house when a dog came out of no where. And not just any dog... a PIT BULL. Just our luck right? So we see the dog (and he doesn't look angry!) but he comes up to us, sniffs, and then takes a huge bite out of Sister Johnston! We realize this is no cute puppy with floppy ears so we turn around and head the other way, but then he starts charging us! He goes for me this time, but misses my leg and only gets my dress. By this time we're sprinting, and the pit bull keeps charging and bites Sister Johnston again! Oh my goodness, poor thing. A few words were coming out of our mouths that missionaries probably shouldn't say, or anyone for that matter. But besides the point! I have never ran off of so much adrenaline in my life. We ran to visitor's center without shoes (they must've fallen off at one point, but we didn't even notice) and fell on the grass because poor Sister Johnston's legs were so chewed up. I only got a scrape and wished I could've taken a bite for her! We got the car, and raced to the ER. Luckily, she didn't need stitches and luckily, there are no rabies on the island which is what we were really worried about. Blessings! She's healing really quickly so we're grateful. Lesson learned: Don't pet, touch, look at, or walk by a pit bull in Hawaii! Ah! Hopefully, I get over this soon, but I'm terrified of dogs! Sister J and I have always been dog lovers, but for the time being, we can't even look at a cute fluffy one without wondering if it's going to eat us :D It's always the missionary joke to be attacked by a dog, but what do you know, it actually happens! It's all good though because at this point, we just laugh at whatever happens to us. Who knows what will happen today! Bring it on :D 

So that was our week this week! Day one, Sister J and I start our transfer out with a big bang (no pun intended) and end it with a big bite (no pun intended again). I have learned being out here that everything happens for a reason. Everything. I can't think of ONE time where I haven't learned something from an experience. You learn from your experience and you learn to trust and rely on the Lord more than anything. What a blessing from our Heavenly Father don't you think? He gives us experiences or trials only so that if we only rely on Him, He will bless us! Have confidence. Have confidence not in yourself, but in your Savior. He'll never let you down I promise you that. 

I love you oh so much! Make this the best week yet and keep smiling! It catches on :D

Love always and much aloha,
Sister Annen

Our hammock...
just chillin' with my trainer in our backyard.

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