Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ni Hau!

Aloha nui loa!

How are we all today? I just have so much to say so here we go!

First off, this is a total shout out to my man Hunter Annen!! Alpine German-Speaking Mission?! YES! Wow I am so so happy for you and couldn't be prouder. I actually met a couple whose oldest son was called there and will leave the same day as you! I wonder if you'll ever be companions. You know what's cool is that I have an investigator that I'm teaching online right now who is in the Alpine German-Speaking Mission boundaries so maybe you'll get to meet her! I'm just so happy right now. Sharing the gospel is the greatest thing you could ever do Hunter boy. Way to be :)

I had my last Zone Conference last week. It was wonderful and also a bit emotional for me. Whenever it's your last zone conference, they have you bear your testimony and so I had the chance to go up and say a few things to my La'ie zone. I wasn't sure how to express all that I had learned and gained a testimony of in the last year and a half, but I got up there and pretty much cried and closed my crying in the name of Jesus Christ and sat down. Ha there had to be some words said in there, but I can't really remember. 

I can't say I've ever been applauded for after testifying at the Visitors' Center...til now :) ha remember how I was telling you about how I have been practicing my double testifying in Chinese for when the day came? Well, it CAME :) A group of about 30 Chinese came to the VC the other day and Sister Su began the lesson/tour by showing the Christus and teaching/testifying of the Savior. She always does an excellent job especially doing it all on her own without a companion to help her out! It's why Heavenly Father called us to go two by two because it's really hard otherwise! but when you don't speak Chinese...Sister Su does all the work. Ah I just love and respect her so much. 

Anyway, so she did a wonderful job, and then in Chinese, she told all of them that I would be saying something to them in Chinese. I could tell when she said that, because all of a sudden 60 beautiful Asian eyes stared right at me just shocked and waiting to hear what would come out of this white girl's mouth. I began my spiel by telling them my name was Sister Annen and that I was learning Chinese, and that I knew what Sister Su said was true. Three sentences! Nothing big! But once I thanked them in Chinese, this ROAR of applause filled the Christus room! It was unreal! Ha all of the sisters were in shock, I was in shock, it was the greatest moment of my life :)

Once everyone dispersed and started looking around on their own, this one Chinese woman came up to me and started talking to me...in Chinese! Ha since I had said a few words at the beginning, she figured I could speak fluently! So here I am just standing there staring at her hoping that I would just suddenly understand what she was saying; but I didn't, so I turned to Sister Su to save me and the woman said, "Oh...you don't understand?" I should've just stopped her at the beginning, come on Sister Annen, but that didn't happen. Sorry that was kind of a long story! But it was such a great day and I feel so blessed to be surrounded by so many of Heavenly Father's children from all over the world. I can see why He loves all of them so so much! Why wouldn't He? I mean, I've only met wonderful people in my life.

I love you all so much and just couldn't be prouder of all of you. I couldn't ask for better examples in my life. What did I do to deserve this :D

Hugs and Kisses!

much Aloha,

Sister Annen

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