Sunday, June 2, 2013

"Words of Mother"

Sister Annen has had such a busy transfer that it's been hard for her to write much for the blog.....

AND now, I, Sister Annen's mother, speak somewhat concerning that which Sister Annen has written; for after I had searched among the records, I found these quotations which contained this small account of the dealings of the Lord with Sister Annen ..... I have made an abridgment from her last letter down to her next letter which will hopefully come soon.....

"How was your Memorial Day? What did you guys do?  Here in Laie it's been super busy and crowded with people since everyone has today off.  This winter is the PCC's 50th anniversary and we invited the first presidency to it! Ah! I'm so excited!  That week is going to be fantastic!  It's going to be HUGE! Another opportunity to bring people into the kingdom of God you know what I'm saying?"

"Yesterday, we walked in to sacrament meeting when bishop came up to us and asked if we could speak for 15 minutes IN 15 minutes since the stake presidency couldn't make it ... haha oh the life of a missionary. I was super nervous ... but it all worked out and the spirit just told me what to say.  I love him too :)"

"Just last week our zone got to go to Pearl Harbor for a service project!  We cleaned the Missouri and it was awesome! We washed the windows because they're filming another movie on it.  Afterward, they took us on a tour and fed us ice cream for cleaning for them!  It was so nice!  While we were cleaning, regular tourists were looking around the ship on tours and would ask us if this cleaning thing was a project for troubled teens -- little do they know :D.  Haha we told them who we were and hopefully because of that, a few seeds were planted!  It was so cool! They thought they were coming to see the Missouri ... heh heh little did they know they would be hit with the spirit! Oh yeah...."

"Sister Knudsen and I committed our investigator Josh to baptism yesterday! Whoo! We're just on cloud 100 at the moment.  Not that that's any different from how we usually feel, but we feel pretty awesome and grateful.  The last few weeks had been frustrating because no one had been home, and our last investigator Daniel didn't see a need to be baptized!  We had such a great lesson with the spirit totally teaching!  But nothing... We were really disappointed because we didn't know what to do.  So we fasted!  It was the only thing we knew that we could do and then ... batta bing batta boom, Josh is going to be baptized! Whoo! Heavenly Father is so good."

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  1. haha I loved the abridgment and the intro at the beginning :)