Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Pound A Baptism

Aloha and Happy New Year family!

Wow I can’t believe it’s 2013, no way! How did that happen?? Time sure flies when you’re having a blast all the time. Can I say that I love being a missionary? Someone told me if you’re having too much fun on your mission, then you’re not working hard enough. But I disagree! Really, even though it’s hard work, the life of a missionary is the life. Ya I’m pooped 24/7, but I’m happiest I’ve ever been, being out here and serving and loving the people of Hawaii. 

How was your New Year’s Eve?? Did you eat any Raclette? Play games? Watch Psych? Watch the ball drop? I sure hope so! Man I miss those things. HOWEVER! I had quite the New Year’s myself.  You see, Hawaii knows how to party let me tell you. On New Year’s Eve (and days before and after), Hawaii is on fiya... literally. Fireworks of the illegal variety are going off so often that you almost don’t notice after a while! You can honestly have a sit anywhere in Hawaii and have a sick fireworks show. Our whole Zone got to be together, so we all sat in the temple parking lot and watched fireworks. THEN, we started living the movie, “Tangled” because hundreds of lanterns covered Laie. So sweet!

Amidst all the holidays and parties, our missionary week was a wonderful one. No different from any other week here in beautiful Laie. First off, Sister J and I have been visiting the Kauvaka family whom we have decided is our beautiful adopted Polynesian family. They are from Tonga, and definitely one of my favorite families. Let me explain a little bit about them.

The first time we went over to their house they FED us. And when I say fed, I mean POLYNESIAN FED. It’s quite different from what us palangi think of as being fed. You don’t eat until you’re full… no, you eat until you’re tired and falling asleep right there on your plate! For example, I ate five huge pieces of French toast fried in butter and egg with choke amounts of syrup, who knows how many pieces of spam fried in butter (Hawaiians love their SPAM. It’s actually soo delicious! Never thought I’d say that), a three-egg omelet, and choke juice. It was delicious obviously, but I felt like I was going to barf. I haven’t eaten that much in a whole week! But it’s incredible how giving these people are. It’s amazing how if you eat the food a Polynesian family gives you, then they trust you. Eating shows your love for them and in return they love you even more. It’s so sweet because they don’t have very much here, and yet they are so happy to give you all that they have. I haven’t seen a more loving people. It makes gaining five pounds every meal an honor :D 

Shoots, I just realized I already have to go even though I have so much more I wanted to say! I’ll just save it for next week. It'll keep you in suspense for the next seven days. 

Know that I love you oodles and oodles! I love hearing from all of you and can’t wait to hear from you again. This gospel is so true it’s not even funny! I come to love it more and more every day and I invite you to do something every day that will help you love it more too. Heavenly Father loves you!

Loves and kisses,
Sister Annen

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